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XVAPE ARIA Ceramic adaptor

XVAPE ARIA Ceramic adaptor

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A spare ceramic mouthpiece for XVAPE Aria Vaporizer. The mouthpiece is made of ceramic to ensures pure flavour and optimal cooling. This is a complete mouthpiece, including a ceramic filter and steel screens.

It incorporates magnets so that it attaches perfectly to the vaporiser easily without having to make strange adjustments or adapt threads. When the mouthpiece is placed close to the vaporiser, it attaches it self to the Aria. This makes it very practical to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. The XVAPE Aria Dry Herb Vaporiser also incorporates a pre-assembled grille and silicone adapters to fit the vaporiser body without loss of vapour.

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  • 1 x XVAPE Aria Ceramic Adapter
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