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  • Step 1

    Speak with your GP about quiting smoking and get a prescription. Order nicotine from the chemist. If the chemist does not stock nicotine, order from here. You will be required to upload the prescription. There are two types of nicotine, freebase and salt.

  • Step 2

    Get a basic vape starter kit. Begin with a low powered device they are listed under beginner in the vapes menu above. We recommend a small easy to use pod. Alternative visit blueVape at 27 Merrylands Road Merrylands NSW 2142 or Call: 0408 425335

  • Step 3

    Choose a flavor that appeals to you.There are many to select from and can be overwhelming. Contact bluevape for guideance. Smokers might like to begin with a tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Store your e-liquid in a dark and hard to reach place.

  • Step 4

    Mix the nicotine with your e-liquid. Make sure you have gloves and a syring. Avoid getting nicotine onto your skin and once done store in the freezer. Making sure children cant get to it. Here is a table of nicotine strength mixing tables. Call or chat with us for guidence.

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With the IP67 protection technology, IPX 80 undoubtedly survives water splashing, dust, shaking or unexpected dropping