About Us

Australia’s premier vape store. We pride ourselves on sourcing quality and safe vape products with exceptional customer service and aftercare. We are different from all other dime-a-dozen vendors because we are not churn-and-burn operations. The interests of our customers always come first and we exist first and foremost as champions of you. We ensure that we only sell products that are proven to bring you safety and enjoyment with 100% genuine products guaranteed. At blueVape we value you like family, we offer an awesome selection of the highest-quality products.

We supply a vast number of vape products ranging from e-cigarettes vape atomisers vape Starter Kits to vape accessories and e-liquid. Stocking vape kits for beginners through to advance vapers, we cater to vape lovers all over Australia.

Constantly on the lookout to enhance and advance our range of vape products, service and the website, we ask for any feedback that can contribute to the improvement of the business. After all, our main goal is to provide you with efficient customer service whilst providing a range of vape products that are safe, hygienic, functional and enjoyable to use. 

If you have any concerns, queries, or you are a beginner wanting to learn how to get started, please feel free to contact us using the contact us page or visit us. Also, our vaping blog is growing so don't forget to check it out, as more and more content is added. 

Remember your safety is our top priority. If in doubt please ask, even if you are not a customer. We love the vape industry, the vape community we serve! and the only stupid question is the one you never asked.