E-Cigarette Tank Problems and Maintenance

E-Cigarette Tank Problems and Maintenance

E Cigarette Tank Problems and Maintenance

E-Cigarette Tank Problems and Maintenance

Today we are going to discuss the essential routines to perform in maintaining your e-cigarette tank, more specifically sub-ohm e-cigarette tank, whilst keeping them in top notch, along with the discussion of some common problems and their solutions. To begin with, an introduction on how to use a brand-new e-cigarette tank or a newly installed coil, it is essential that whenever a new coil is to be installed in the e-cigarette tank it is to be primed before putting to use.

 The priming ensures the wick in the e-cigarette tank is saturated with its e-juice substantially lowering any possibilities of damaging the coil. To prime your coil place 4-5 drops of your desired e-juice into the coil head, connect the head by threading it to the e-cigarette tank base. From here assemble your e-cigarette tank and for optimal results, it is ideal to wait 2-5 minutes before putting to use.

Learn more why it’s important to prime your coils.

When to change coils

Different coils for different e-cigarette tank differ in life expectancies. The lifespan of a coil may also differ due to differences in e-juices  (E Juice Viscosity and Mix ratio have a huge effect on your e-cigarette tank and coil more in another article). It is necessary to change your E-Cigarette coil when you notice the flavour begin to taper off or if you start to notice a burnt taste as it is the PG/VG ratio in your e-juice playing a vital role.

Tank Maintenance

First and foremost, you want to keep your e-cigarette tank clean. At least once a month it is crucial to clean it. Begin by removing the coil and O rings looking out for any cracks or signs of wear and tear. If the O-rings are damaged, replace them, if the glass tube is cracked replace that also. When cleaning the e-cigarette tank use warm water and a mild dish soap for the internal and external of the e-cigarette tank taking note of its threads. Be sure to rinse your e-cigarette tank thoroughly and once completely dry it is ready to be reassembled. Do not wash the coil, the coil is a disposable component and should be binned if burned out, otherwise put the coil aside and reuse once your tank has been cleaned.

This process will minimise any excess juice resulting in a trouble-free experience when using it, also does not mute the taste of your favourite e-juice. Let’s look and some common problems experienced by e-cigarette tanks.

Leaking Tank

 A leaking E-Cigarette tank can be a real inconvenience but are relatively easy to fix. Majority of the time the e-cigarette tank is leaking because the E-Cigarette tank is letting air in somewhere else which breaks the vacuum that holds your e-liquid in the E-Cigarette tank. Begin with dissembling the E-Cigarette tank taking notice of the glass or any plastic parts looking for any cracks. If any are damaged be sure to replace them before continuing use of the tank.

Be sure that the coil head itself is fully threaded into place, not too tight and not too lose. If it is too tight this may result in the damaging of the O-rings and you will need to replace them or the entire coil itself. If the E-Cigarette tank continues to leak and the above has been checked, the problem may be related to a bad head itself.

Tank Not Firing

Another issue that may occur is the E-Cigarette tank not firing. In many cases the devices may display “check coil” or “check atomizer’ maybe it might also display “Faulty Atomizer” or in some cases may not work at all. If this happens make sure to check that the E-Cigarette is working with another atomizer and the coils resistance is within the devices operating capacity.

When certain that the E-Cigarette is working we can move on, it is here we must acknowledge that it is somewhere in the circuit where the flow of electricity isn’t running smoothly. Fortunately for us, this problem can only be caused by a few things. First ensure that the coil that is installed is still in good condition, to do that install a new coil or use the existing coil on a different device,

validating whether it is functioning at optimal performance. If it is working fine on another device this means the problem lies with your device and not the e-cigarette tank. If all coils fail to work including the trial run of a new one you would want to look at the small centre pin (Connection Thread) found in the bottom threaded compartment of the connector, this pin on some devices springs up and down. If it is pushed in you will want to take a screwdriver or similar device and adjust it to get it to its proper position so that it springs up and down (DO NOT CARRY THIS OUT WHILE THE BATTERIES ARE INSTALLED). 

At this point, the atomizer should be working normally, however, if all else fails then the final thing to check is the insulator ring that the positive pin sits in. in many situations, they may become very brittle resulting in cracks or even melt from the high heat. If this is the case it can be replaced however, it is not a common maintenance task, in most circumstance the atomizer may need to be replaced itself.  Whilst complications differ from device to device the above information is applicable to all tanks on the market.

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