E-cigarette coils - why it’s important to prime

E-cigarette coils - why it’s important to prime

E-Eigarette coils - why it’s important to prime them

Besides the economic factors, priming your e-cigarette coils prevents them from burning out, maintaining that flavour you love and prolonging the life of the coil. Just about every vaper, beginner to the experienced has at least burned their coils once if not more. There are no indicators of what constitutes a burned taste, you will know and taste it, a disgusting taste.

We often receive calls or email from customers asking us why they are getting a burned taste and having to replace their e-cigarette coils too often. In our entire history, we have yet to encounter faulty e-cigarette coils. Burned taste and the frequent replacement of e-cigarette coils are the results of users not priming their e-cigarette coil effectively or exceeding the e-cigarette coil recommended wattage (often inscribed on the outer surface of the e-cigarette coil, see image below). Most of our customers are beginners, with over 90% of them using sub-ohm tanks, and why not, the majority of those switching from smoking to e-cigarette just want to get on with vaping, they don’t have the time or the inclination to rebuild their own coils (thou, more cost-effective). This article will focus on priming coils for the sub-ohm tank.

E-cigarette coils - Determining the resistance and power

Priming e-cigarette Coils is the process of soaking your e-cigarette coils in e-liquid before use for a period of at least two minutes. Some manufacturers recommend up to five or ten minutes, and then you have the hardcore that will prime for hours.  Whatever the length of time, you should read the user manual for your device, however, we know that waiting this long for some is just not on, they want that hit NOW! Okay, enough fluffing around let's move to how priming e-cigarette coils are done.

How do I prime my e-cigarette coils?

First, make sure you have purchased the correct coils. Most e-cigarette coils come in different resistance, make sure you have the correct resistance you can handle vaping at and your device can support. Remember the lower the resistance the more current flows through. The more current flowing through the hotter your coil gets, the thicker the clouds are, and some e-liquid become muted and lose their intense taste. There are more side effects to low resistance such as batteries discharge faster, atomizer lifespan is drastically reduced, the vapour is hotter, and if you are wondering why you are going through so much e-liquid, hence the reason.

Priming your e-cigarette coils is straightforward. Before placing the coils in the tank, soak the coil wick by dripping e-liquid on the exposed cotton (image below) until you notice the cotton is fully saturated. Coils come with an opening on top drip your e-juice on them, then wait until your notice that the cotton has become fully saturated, you can observe this through the cutout on the side of the coil. The size of the cut-out is immaterial some are large while others are small.

E-Cigarette Coils - how to prime them

Next, place the e-cigarette coils inside the tank, re-assemble and fill the tank with e-liquid. Set your device on a flat surface and make yourself a cuppa. Return and lower your device power to around half what you usually vape at (Only if you have a regulated mod), I strongly recommend that you lower your wattage to the minimum value of your coils. For example the coil in the image above states the recommended wattage is between 60-80W, I will set my device to 60W, to begin with then work my up until I reach my ideal level. Strike the fire button lightly a few times away from your face. Check that you have the airflow open (or closed if you like), take a few puffs, gradually raise the power until it is to your liking and remember not to exceed the recommended wattage. Priming your e-cigarettes coils is only required when you are replacing them and trust me, you will know when they need replacing, remember that disgusting taste.

If you are unsure what e-cigarette coils you require for your device check your existing coils or read the user manual. Most manufacturer state the recommend e-cigarette coils alongside with their resistance and recommend wattage on the packaging. If you are still not sure, let us know.

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