Joyetech AtoPack

Joyetech AtoPack

Joyetech AtoPack | AIO E-Cigarette  Kit

I have to say that when I first opened the Joyetech AtoPack Penguin Starter Kit, I was a little hesitant. After opening it up and using it though, I am completely sold! Sure, it may look a little unconventional but to me, that’s actually one of the things I love most about it. I mean the box comes with a giant-ass penguin on it.

So you know just from that how your experience is going to go. It’s fun, quirky, a little weird but in a way that makes you sort of chuckle to yourself whenever you use it. I mean the vaping device itself looks like a penguin…A PENGUIN! Have you ever seen penguins? They are hilarious!

So you open up your box. What do you expect to find? Well as a starter kit, it comes with all the basics that you’ll need and this one hits right on the mark. Obviously, you get the penguin mod and a charging cable, I’m sure that goes without saying. You also get two ceramic-casing coil heads.

The penguin is all about exclusivity! The kit also comes with a few silicone cases for your cartridge and drip –tip. There’s a user manual in there as well for anyone who needs to make use of it but I found that the Penguin is one of the simpler starter kits that anyone could purchase.

The battery itself is a pretty sweet feature. Unlike some of the newer models, the charging cable doesn’t support firmware updates or anything like that. It does, however, have a very rapid charging time which is a handy change. I downgraded to this device and based on the charging time alone, I’m very happy I did so.

The battery itself is also pretty long lasting. You have several lights that highlight what your battery level is currently at whenever you are using the device. These blink for a good minute or so whenever your battery is empty or nearing it.

Anyway, enough about what you get. Do you want to know how it felt to use, right? Unlike some of the more high-tech vape devices, this one couldn’t really get much simpler. You have one button…just one. The button didn’t rattle at all as it does with cheaper models and I found it was extremely responsive. Just the smallest touch gets that battery going and then you’re ready to vape.

This starter kit is perfect for beginners. It may not look like it fell straight out of a sci-fi film but sometimes it’s the simple things in life that you fall in love with. I found that to certainly be the case with the Penguin.

Happy Feet may not be the best representations of penguins in the world but I would easily recommend this to beginners in terms of both performance and its slick design but also it has enough force to hit the throat. I mean your vape device is basically wearing a suit! Therefore, it’s James Bond!
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