Geekvape Blade 235 Watts Mod Kit

Geekvape Blade 235 Watts Mod Kit

The Geekvape Blade 235 Watts Mod Kit Review

The Geekvape Blade 235 Watts Mod Kit Review


Aesthetically pleasing, functionally empowering, the feeling is mesmerising. I selected my words with great cautions for this review because the Geekvape blade deserves nothing less. It commands respect from every angle.

The Geekvape blade 235-watt TC mod has so much going for it, I am stoked by the device beauty. No matter which angle you view it from the Geekvape blade draws the eye, every time I look at it, I discover a pattern I have not seen before; and in the dark, the fire button radiates a beautiful lime green ambient light that is calming and comforting.

Following on from Geekvape Aegis and Blitzen success, Geekvape is developing a reputation as a top-quality and highly reliable manufacturer of vape gear, and the Blade continues the traditions of quality, performance and exquisiteness. The Geekvape blade comes in two designs, Starry Night which is an abstract pattern of blues, greens, yellows and orange, while the Poppy design is a pattern of swirling purples, blues and pinks. And as I have always stated, when it comes to packaging Geekvape are absolute masters of securing their devices, and the Geekvape blade is no exception, making it easy and safe for shipping.


The Geekvape blade comes with a range of functionality and not the mention all the possible battery options. The blade supports 2 x 18650, 2 x 20700 or 2 x 21700 Li-Ion batteries. The blade is a 235 watts mod with five vaping functions: Variable Wattage (VW), temperature control (TC), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), if you have not come across this before, it is a measure of the resistance of metal in coils in relation to temperature changes. Don’t get confused TCR is not measuring the heat of coils but how easily electricity passes through the metal, this functionality allows you to manually change the values of the default resistance of the wire types the manufacturer has implemented on their devices, giving the operator of the device finer control over their mod and wires (More on TCR in another article).

If you are interested in finding the TCR values for different materials visit wire wiz. Continuing with the functions, the Geekvape blade also comes with Variable Power Curve (VPC) adjustable over five steps. VPC allows you to set the power curve to fire different wattage each second the atomiser is firing. For example, you can set the first second of firing at 50 watts, the second to fire at 40 watts, the third at 30 watts the fourth at 20 watts and so on. The Geekvape blade allows for up to 10 seconds of atomiser firing allowing you to fine tune each firing hit of your mode. For this feature I give you permission to tinker with and who knows you might love it so much you will never settle for another mod that does not support VPC.

The final Geekvape blade function mode is the Bypass mode. If you dare to extract your Li-Ion battery raw voltage output and fully harness your atomizer, then this is the mode for you (Please do not use this mode unless you are an experienced vaper and you understand what the heck is taking place when you are in this mode).

The Geekvape blade variable wattage is between and including 5 and 234 watts. Wattage can be increased in 0.1-watt increments while in lower wattage range and 1 watt at a higher range. The speed of increment is very cool, and you can go from 5 to 235 watts very fast thanks to the fast and very accurate chipset and the reliable TC. For those with pre-build coils, you can use regular temp control mode while TCR mode provides unlimited control over other types of wires not setup on the blade.

The Geekvape blade measures 93mm x 52mm x 38mm. It is constructed of aircraft-grade polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) material, a light heat-resistant plastic. The Atomizer resistance range is between 0.05ohms and3.0ohms and has a 510-stainless steel connection thread. The battery bay allows for three different types of Li-Ion batteries. If you use 18650 you will need to use the included adapter that is simple to insert and works perfectly. The 20700 have the same diameter as 18650 but slightly longer while holding approximately 25% more capacity than the standard 18650 Li-Ion batteries. Lastly is the big mother of them all and that is the 21700. The 21700 holds 35% more than the 20700 and close to double the capacity of 18650 (These figures are average, and the comparison is based around the average of each Li-Ion battery mentioned above) and obviously vaping at high wattage for a longer period. The advantage of each Li-Ion battery type is self-explanatory.

The Aero 4.0ml Sub-Ohm Tank

The Geekvape blade comes with the 4.0ml Aero sub-ohm tank, a simple but well designed and constructed sub-ohm tank. The Aero is 25mm, constructed from stainless steel and a Pyrex glass tube. The top cap is heat resistant while the drip tip is simple to remove to access the top-fill port. The Aero is simple to refill with the filling hole just wide enough to support most e-liquid drippers. The Aero is an excellent basic 810 thread sub-ohm tank allowing for easy e-liquid change without creating a mess. The Geekvape Aero sub-ohm tank comes with two coil options, the IM1 which is a 0.4 ohms coil and the IM4 which is a 0.15 ohms coil. The IM1 has recommended wattage between 40-60 watts while the IM4 is 60-80 watts.  Keep in mind the IM1 and IM4 are still new and it is possible that Geekvape might introduce new resistance level in the future.

User Experience

By now you should know how I feel about the design. However, just in case you skipped the introduction, in one word “exquisite!”. The Geekvape blade is superbly constructed with quality material and finish. Durability is top notch with each curve, angle and façade perfectly finished and aligned. The blade Mod support a large range of tanks with no overhang. The Aero tank is basic, powerful and perfectly completes the Mod while producing a good volume of vapour and a soft, smooth and tasteful flavour hit. The Mod is light, natural to hold with an easy and relaxed reach of the firing button. The user interface (UI) is simple, easy to operate and provide access to a range of data to suit the beginner and seasoned vaper alike.



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