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Vaporesso EUC Universal Coils

Vaporesso EUC Universal Coils

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The EUC reinvents traditional atomizers allowing a fast and easier than ever system to replace your coil and wick after use. Before we had to replace the ENTIRE coil head, shell, coil, wick, connective element, but now you’ll only have to replace the core, the heart of the atomizer encasing the coil and the CCELL wick or traditional cotton saving time, money and the environment.


    • Superior e-liquid taste Superior e-liquid taste
    • Creates bigger clouds than standard coils
    • Revolutionary new quick and simple replacement system Revolutionary new quick and simple replacement system
    • Lower cost then traditional coils as less to replace - only core is replaced
    • The advantages of a CCELL ceramic or a COTTON choice 
    • Greener for the environment
    • RoHS and MSDS approved for your safety

    Make sure you prime(soak) your replacement coils for at least 2 minutes. Once you have primed your coils, fire your vape device away from your face 2 or 3 times lightly, then gently blow down then drip tip and  Enjoy your vaping experience.


    • Material: Ceramic or traditional (Kanthal, Nickel, Stainless)
    • Traditional EUC Clapton 0.4Ω (40-50W)
    • Traditional EUC Clapton 0.5Ω (35-40W)
    • Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.3Ω  (35-40W)
    • Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.5Ω  (25-35W)
    • Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.6Ω  (40-55W)
    • EUC CCELL  1.0Ω (10-13W)
    • EUC Meshed 0.6Ω (15-22W)

    Package Content

    • 1 x 5pcs Vaporesso EUC Coil

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