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Naked 100

Naked 100 - E-Liquid

Naked 100 - E-Liquid

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All Melon: A fusion of refreshing watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew to showcase the ripe, juicy, and tantalizing flavour notes that showcase the finest melon virtues.

Tobacco Cuban Blend: Blend is a flavourful, medium-bodied aromatic combo, with a perfectly balanced composition of the Caribbean's finest [leaf-based product].

Azul Berries: A smooth vanilla cream with a lovely touch of blueberry to jazz it all up.

Banana / Go Nanas: Go Nanas serves up a creamy base with banana slices that cascade its flavour long into your vape session.

Lemon / Green Lemon: A truly stimulating base of refreshing lime infused with lemon for an ultimate blend of sweet and sour. (formerly Sour Sweets)

Hawaiian POG: An exquisite composition, formulates with aromatic passion fruit, juicy orange squeeze, and exotic guava.

Lava Flow: Fuses sweet and rich strawberries with two island staples: refreshing coconut and the tang of pineapples.

Mango / Amazing Mango: Sensational composition, formulates with juice tropical mango intermixed with a luscious Peach infused cream.

Maui Sun: A scorching combination of citrus flavours that combines pineapple with oranges and tangerines.

Melon Kiwi / Green Blast: Combining the smooth and subtle sweetness of honeydew, the crisp juicy tartness of granny smith apples, and finishing with the bright, creamy, and zesty notes of kiwi.

Peach / Peachy Peach: Peach blends luscious mango with a familiar tartness in apricot, and is finally mixed into peaches. The end result is a flavour explosion that rotates and evolves from one puff to the next!

Pineapple Berry / Berry Lush: A blend of strawberry and pineapples mixed with milk and cream.

Really Berry: The ultimate refresher with an exhilarating fusion of blueberries combined with the sophistication of blackberries and fresh hints of lemon sugar drizzle. (formerly Berry Belts)
Straw Lime: The amazing combination of berries paired with a gummy flavour base by Naked 100 Candy is as close as you’ll get to these candies in vape form. (formerly Very Berry)
Strawberry / Triple Strawberry:  A thirst-quenching blend of strawberry bubblegum, with a luscious strawberry infused nicely into the expected bubble gum for a vape unlike any other. (formerly Yummy Gum)
Strawberry Cream / Naked Unicorn: Delicious blend of sweet cream layered with a mouth-watering assortment of sweet and tangy strawberries.

Strawberry POM ICE/ Brain Freeze: A combination of sweet strawberries, the slight tartness of Kiwi, and exotic ruby red pomegranates for a mouth-quenching sensation.

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