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Vapetasia - Lemon Killer Kustard Vape Juice 100ML

Vapetasia - Lemon Killer Kustard Vape Juice 100ML

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If you liked Killer Kustard, then you'd love Killer Kustard Lemon. Scratch that. Whether or not you liked Killer Kustard, you're still going to love Killer Kustard Lemon. Who wouldn't? It is literally, the best thing you could ever vape. Ever heard of the expression "best of both worlds"? Killer Kustard Lemon is where that came from.

This delectable vape juice flavour combines sweet, sour and creamy to give an e-liquid that is just - oomph! There are no words to describe it. Delicious is too mediocre. Satisfying doesn't even begin to do it justice.

You have no idea what it means for someone to sit down and say "I'm going to create perfection, and I'm going to let the whole world have a taste". Vapetasia E-Liquid did that and we are immensely grateful.

No dessert combination will tease and caress your tongue as this one will. From the inhale, it is a creamy thick swirl of custard, layered heavily with deluxe vanilla then, perked with drops of lemons. You will taste all aspects of the sugary, creamy and tart essence as you huff and puff. Believe me, when I say, you'd run back for more. No one ever tastes anything good and lets go of it.

If you're tired of vaping to the same boring old mixes, Killer Kustard Lemon is here to give you the right fix. Enjoy a premium dessert flavour from Vapetasia E-Liquid. There's an extreme tendency that you'd want to inhale this every day and we're all here for it. So, feel free to hit us up when you crave some more, or better still, just buy as much as you can now.

Vapetasia E-Liquid lines are brought to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. Vapetasia is best-known for their Killer Kustard series and for being the producer of Vape Parfait, Vape Lemonade, and Fruit N Custard along with over a dozen other flavours across a total of 7 different lines. They are well regarded for their stringent manufacturing standards using only the finest ingredients in a sterile controlled environment. Each E-liquid comes in a well-designed flavour-themed box with either a 60ml or 100ml option. blueVape is pleased to bring you the best of the Vapetasia lines.


  • Flavour: Custard, Lemon
  • Bottle Size: 100ml
  • Nicotine Level: 0MG
  • Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG
  • Ready to Vape: Yes


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