What is an Atomizer

What is an Atomizer

What is an Atomizer

So, if you’re a vaping newbie or perhaps haven’t had the time to learn the lingo, you may be wondering what an atomizer (also loosely known a tank) is?. Well, you’re not alone. When getting into the vaping world you may struggle to differentiate between all the hardware. Not to worry; by the end of this article you’ll be in the know-how of what an atomizer is and have an idea of the different types you may come across.

So what exactly is an atomizer? Well, other than being one of an essential part of a vaping device, it’s basically just a coil of wire that heats up in order to turn oil into vapour or mist. An atomiser refers to this part of the device as a whole (i.e. the case containing the coil) but it’s really the coil that does all the work. Without getting too technical, the wire requires certain levels of resistance. This resistance is measured in ohms (named after the Greek physicist who came up with laws based on electric resistance). The lower the ohms, the more energy is required. Of course, you aren’t here for a physics lesson so let’s get down to brass tacks: the different types of atomisers that you’re likely to come across in your vape journey.

The mainstream view is that there are ultimately 3 different types of atomiser: You have the disposable atomiser, the replaceable coil head atomiser, and the rebuildable atomiser. Of course, all three have their own pros and cons so we’ll look at them one by one and see the differences and which one might be best for you.

Disposable Atomizer

So this is without a doubt the most basic of the three options. Typically, this type of atomiser is popular with newbies or for those regularly strapped for cash. The disposable atomisers come with the fewest parts (as few as one) which makes them perfect for those still getting to grips with vaping. As you can probably guess by the name, they aren’t a long-term option. They cost drastically less on a turn by turn basis but depending on how much you vape, this could be a costlier option than the other two.

As with most things in life, but perhaps even more so in the vaping world, low price in itself comes with a cost. The potential flavour production and vapour production tend to be extremely limited when it comes to the disposable atomisers. I guess it depends on why you vape but if you’re after the experience as a whole then it’s best to choose one of the other two options. Usually, you can tell when your disposable atomiser needs to be disposed of: it tends to become difficult to puff on your vape or your atomiser will make some disturbing, gurgling noises.

Replaceable Coil Head Atomizer

These are definitely the most popular of the three. While the initial cost tends to be more, the overall cost can be drastically cheaper. Quite simply, when the time comes you just unscrew the head of the used up coil and replace it with a new one. Simple, right? There are of course other benefits to using the replaceable coil head atomisers.

For starters, you have the added option of being able to clean the inside of the atomiser whenever you decide to change flavours. This also helps for general maintenance as it helps allow the coil to heat up as quickly as possible rather than be clogged up with dried-up e-juice. Some of these replaceable coil head atomisers even come with special features such as airflow control valves which (yup, you guessed it) allow you to manage the airflow per puff. Some can even be made with pyrex glass which if you’re a newbie probably won’t mean much so to put it into simple terms: you get the much better flavour and vapour production. In comparison to the disposable atomisers, the replaceable coil head atomisers are definitely an improvement.

As I mentioned earlier, the long-term cost tends to be cheaper, the typical levels of vapour and flavour production are way better and the only real downsides are that you have more parts to deal with which can make things a little more complicated.  This definitely isn’t the end of the world though and with a little bit of online research, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

Rebuildable Atomizer

Last but not least, we get to the rebuildable atomiser. Often seen as requiring “pro-level experience” this option is actually a lot easier to use than people make it out to be. Sure, you might need to practice a little, maybe do some research but the benefits of this definitely make it worthwhile.

For starters, you can save money in the long term with this option: unless of course, you view a little effort as costly in which case perhaps the rebuildable atomiser isn’t the option for you. By definition, the rebuildable atomiser offers the highest level of customisable options. This means that you can max out your flavour intensity, max out your vapour production and ultimately have the full experience that vaping can offer.

So hopefully you’re a little more clued in on what atomisers are and the three different types that are available to you. Good luck on your vaping journey!

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