The True Cost of Vaping

The True Cost of Vaping

The True Cost Of Vaping

Smoking Cost

Life is expensive. I bet we can all agree to that right? What about hobbies? Maybe you like to craft or game, these are both at cost. Now, what about smoking? Definitely a cost. What if there was an alternative to smoking that could help your overall health and save your pocketbook? Maybe vaping is the answer!

Many people argue that the cost of vaping it high, I mean sure it can be quite costly outright when you buy your mod, your tank, your coils, your juice, and then there is ease of access: It’s nearly midnight, you are just finishing a hard day at work, you are exhausted, your feet hurt and the only thing open is the corner servo. It’s just plain easier to grab a pack of cigarettes. It is cheaper at the moment to grab a pack and call it a day, arguably so, but what about the long run? Let’s break down the costs and see just how much you could save if you switched to vaping today:

We will start off first with the cost of cigarettes and I will go with the cost of a general twenty-five pack. The least expensive I could find was at a tobacconist in Coogee. Coming in at about $22.00 a pack, they won’t be the best taste, but they get the job done and at a relatively inexpensive manner compared to other brands. Let us just assume you smoke one pack per day:

Cost Breakdown


Quantity (Pack(s))















Did I read that right? $8,030.00 a YEAR? That is a fairly decent new car. That’s a vacation! I spend $150.00 a week on groceries for a family of four, that’s less than you are spending in this scenario per week on cigarettes and cigarettes do not even nourish you.

What about vape supplies? Spending $100.00 on a good mod is much more expensive than a pack of cigarettes, right? Yes, you would be correct in saying that but how long does that mod last? I am going to go shopping at BlueVape, the friendliest shop in the vape community to give you a basic start-up cost. Then, we can compare.

The Vaping Alternative

Firstly, to vape, you will need some supplies. A good beginner kit is a pen kit, it has a tank so its not as small as your e-cigarette vape pen which only gives you a small amount of juice and this specific kit will provide you with some great clouds, which I found in my personal experience made the switch from smoking to vaping a much easier experience. Let us look at The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Starter Kit. This kit comes in at $49.90. This is a little over the cost of a 40 pack of cigarettes.

Pro Tip: Vaping tastes and smells much better as well.

Along with your starter kit, it would be advised that you also purchase a spare set of coils, just in case you need them. The Vaporesso GT Cores come in at $19.65. There are a few varieties to choose from and the pack comes with 3 coils. So not you have your mod, and 5 coils to start you off. In my experience these coils last a good while, with my having to change them once every two weeks to one month, sometimes even less depending on the juice I am using and how often I am vaping.

Now, you need the juice (e-liquid) that goes into the tank, the stuff that makes the clouds, that satisfies the cravings! My personal choice for juice would be anything by Tropic King. Their mad melon is a nice fruity flavor that isn’t overwhelming and easy on the throat. For 100ml of e-liquid, this bottle comes in between $26.90 -$36.90. Which is a fair price for the quality? There are many kinds of juice you can choose from, but this is a personal favorite and one I can recommend with certainty.

Vaping Cost Breakdown

  • One Starter Kit: $49.90
  • One Pack of Premium Coils: $19.65
  • One 100ml Bottle of e-liquid: $36.90
  • Grand Total: $106.45

“$106.45… but that’s much more expensive than the $22.00 I spend on a pack of cigarettes.” You are correct, but this set up lasts much longer than one day. This set up will even last longer than one week! In one week, you have already paid less for this set up than you would have for a week supply of cigarettes and it’s still going strong! This set up will last even longer than that! With the average ex-smoker vaping nearly 60ml of juice per month. Are you still following? Here are a larger scale yearly breaks down the cost of vaping.

Please keep in mind there are many alternatives to vape kits and “dripping” which is wicking coils and dripping directly onto them versus buying coils and using a tank is even less in cost. This method is for experienced vapers as there can be some risk involved, however, it does allow you to clean the coils you are using versus replacing them and I myself will use the same coils when I am dripping without replacing and just cleaning for over 6 months.

Still not convinced. Let’s break this down per day:

  • One pack of cigarettes for one day: $22.00
  • Vaping for one day: $1.63

In one year, vaping saves you $7,436.10. Why not take that vacation and vape while you’re there too? Not to mention, vapour will not make your clothes smell, it won’t leave marks on your walls, it dissipates quickly, and you get the craving squashed. Vaping will increase your overall oral hygiene as well. No one will know your vape unless you tell them, and the benefits continue. All products will be linked below. For further information, you can always call our friendly staff at Blue Vape and ask any questions you’d like or stop in and have a look at what the starter kit would be right for you. There are many styles and colours to choose from and the price variations aren’t anything to panic about!

Fill up your tank, and get into your car, no need to get out of your car to buy cigarettes. No need to try and freshen your breath before you walk into work. While it is cheaper to buy a pack of cigarettes at the time of startup, the whole entire starter kit to get you vaping pays for itself within the first month. Please also keep in mind that many people smoke more than a pack a day worth of cigarettes, it was just broken down in this manner to make it easier to understand. I don’t know about you but it’s much more convenient for me to fill a tank than to have to run into a servo after a long night when I am tired, just to get a craving squashed.


Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Starter Kit:

Vaporesso GT Core (Packet X3 Coils):

 Tropic King - Mad Melon 100ml e-liquid:

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