Mods, what are they?

Mods, what are they?

Mods, what are they?

There are two types of Mods (applies to Pen style also): Controlled and Uncontrolled. Each with there own advantages and disadvantages. However, many mods these days are highly advanced devices with build in safety features, temperature and power control just to name a few. At the end of the day, the verdict sits with you.

Controlled Vape Mods

The controlled Mods will have a Microchip inside that adds features and abilities to do things to your Mod. You will see an LED screen where you can change settings such as changeable wattage, temperature control and see how much charge you have left in your electrical storage device. It also has a lot of safety features so all you need to worry about when it comes to your Mod is having the compatible tank and the right amp wattage.

Uncontrolled Vape Mods

The uncontrolled Mod (sometimes called mechanical mod or unregulated mod) has a massive difference in power: it is a lot stronger. This is because the Mod doesn’t control the electrical storage device because it doesn’t have a microchip. And because it doesn’t have a microchip it doesn’t have many of the safety features or even the LED screen. Usually, your uncontrolled Mod will consist of a tube with an electrical storage device in it and a few wires hooking them up to the power button.

After you have chosen whether or not to have a controlled Mod, you get to choose your shape size: Tube-like or rectangular. Tube-like shaped mods tend to be known as Pens; the close relation of the E-cig family. Then you have the rectangular Mods called Box Mods. While Pens and Cigalikes are designed to help you quit smoking; the Box Mod is perfectly put together to keep you from going back. It is designed to have a lot of features and abilities to do things it does need more maintenance as well as a small amount of patience while you get used to your new device.

Vape Mode Tanks

What do you screw onto your Mod? your tank! The only thing standard about tanks that are compatible with the majority of Mods is the connection: the 510 connection. This is the case where the two parts come together. You could buy almost any tank and fit it onto your Box Mod and as long as it has the right connection between the two parts then you’re ready to go.

Most Box Mods have removable electrical storage devices whereas Pens have a non-removable electrical storage device: blessing or a curse? The positives of having a removable electrical storage device are that if you have a pair of them you can continuously have one on charge while you’re vaping. No wait time! However, you do have to carry an extra set of electrical storage devices around fully charged or those with their charging ports so you can charge as you go. Instead of a simple USB connection.

Vape Mods Power Source

The most popular electrical storage device used in Box Mods is the 18650 said “eighteen-six-fifty”. It is very powerful and can be used in most Mods that can vape up to 350W! The main way of thinking here is: the higher the wattage of your mod the more electrical storage devices you’ll need. The big differences here though, between the Mods and the Pens, are definitely the power and its features. Also, I guess Mods had a leg up on Pens when it came to be designed and manufactured to have more features and power because of a Box Mod, compared to a pen, have so much more space to work with; the Box Mod can fit more batteries and better microchips. However, the main real difference and game changer has to be the microchip, which is responsible for making the Box Mods so consistent and full of features.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There is always disadvantages to every product; yes, Mods do cost more money compared to their family: The Cigalike and the Pen. It does also need more maintenance and care as well and it does take a little longer to get used to than the simple “push a button, inhale and blow.” Warning: They may also be a little too big to fit in your skinny jeans pockets.

But they also do have amazing vapour production and a long battery life. You also have a larger number of tank designs to choose from as well as the wide variety of tanks you can attach almost able to take the place of each other when swapped out. The batteries? They are most definitely swappable. A Vape Mode can be very reliable and consistent and it’s all because of a little microchip, with its safety features constantly supervising your device so you can enjoy a fun, safe vaping experience.

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