Lost your taste buds? Vapers Tongue

Lost your taste buds? Vapers Tongue

Lost your taste buds to vaping?

Just about every vaper at one time or another experience what is commonly referred to as vaper’s tongue. Vapers tongue is an experience a vaper may go through where they lose their entire taste buds to e-liquid. Vapers tongue can last for a few hours to days. In this post, we will look at some novel solutions that may help to get your taste mojo back. We also would love to hear from our readers, what has and has not worked, in the hope! other readers can benefit from.

If you have given up smoking, you would have noticed some of the benefit compounded over time. Your senses of smell and taste are heightened, walking without puffing is beginning to normalise and not to forget the hit to your wallet has diminished. With all these benefits gained the last thing you want is a reminder of your cigarette smoking days.

Tastes and smells are the perceptions of the chemical in the air or in the food we eat and not related to your taste buds. It is easy to blame your taste buds for the loss of flavour when in fact it’s a combination of smell and taste. Your taste buds may be functioning just fine, but your sense of smell is the issue. It is important to point out that your smell and taste senses are separate receptors, however, because they are closely intertwined we tend to confuse them.  Your ability to taste flavours in food is a combination of smell and taste receptors working together and most people experience impaired taste temporarily and only lose part of their ability to taste.

Your nose plays a major role in what flavours your tongue can identify and when there are issues with it, it will leave food tasting very bland. This is expected because the nose and the mouth are connected. 

What causes vapers tongue?

The cause of impaired taste ranges from the common cold to more serious medical conditions. Ageing also can impair taste, in fact at birth you have 10,000 taste buds, after the age of 50, you will begin to lose some. In rare circumstance, you might need to see an otolaryngologist to determine if you have a smell disorder, while some people are born with a taste disorders.

The most common causes of vapers tongue are chain vaping/continuous vaping, and not changing up your flavours can shut down your senses, almost becoming desensitised to the e-liquid flavour. The first thing vapers do then is switch flavours and hope this will fix things. This will not work because your diminishing tastes might appear to have happened suddenly, when in fact the symptoms have been slowly and steadily building up.

Common causes of impaired taste are:

  1. Chain Vaping/Continuous vaping.
  2. Poor quality/care Atomizers and coils.
  3. Flu
  4. Sinus Infection
  5. Common Cold
  6. Ear infection
  7. Surgeries to the ear, nose and throat.
  8. Smoking
  9. Gum Inflammation/ Poor oral hygiene
  10. Sjogren’s Syndrome
  11. Nutritional deficiencies
  12. Exposure to some antibiotics and antihistamine.

Remedies to try

In my experience only time has come to the rescue. In few vapers, coffee and a few other remedies have helped, but I am putting that down to low-quality e-liquid. Here are a few you can try:

  1. First, make sure you eliminate step 2 to 12 above. If you can’t, stop vaping and wasting your money on horrible and annoying numbness coming from your e-liquid until your get well.
  2. Chew on a few coffee beans.
  3. Suck on a lemon
  4. Chew mint leaves
  5. Use mouthwash
  6. Vape with 100% VG and no nicotine.
  7. Dry hits can leave a muted taste for a lot longer period on some vapers.
  8. Check your nicotine has not gone bad.
  9. Replace coils.
  10. Stop vaping for a day or two days.

We will love to hear what has worked for you. Please share your knowledge with our readers by commenting below. As always your health is the most important thing to us if in double please ask and we will do our best to help you.

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