IJOY ELITE PS2170 Starter Kit

IJOY ELITE PS2170 Starter Kit

IJOY ELITE PS2170 Starter Kit | blueVape

Everything about IJOY design is beautiful, their range of vaping gear is aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, there is just one annoying feature, and that is their packaging. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking of the artwork on the package, on the contrary, that is beautiful also, I am speaking of the box content.

The box content is just to lose, and here at blueVape we take packing our products very seriously, we want to make sure each product arrives safe and sound to our customer, but the iJoy packaging is just not tightly packed, this goes for all their components, from tanks and coils to starter kits and mods. Why is this important you may ask? loose content exposes the component to danger when shipping, especially if they are shipped with Li-Ion batteries. Because we can’t open the package and re-pack more tightly we are forced to wrap in layers and layers of bubble wrap increasing the weight and shipping cost.

Look at how the GeekVape Aegis is packed, secure, tight, no rattling components and ready for shipping. It is not very hard to achieve just shake the box and you’ll hear the problem.


Now let’s move on with the real reason for this article, the review of the iJoy Elite PS2170.

The IJOY Elite PS2170 uses a single battery and comes packaged with an IJOY 21700 40A battery (almost the capacity of dual 18650 batteries). However, it is also compatible with 20700 and 18650 ideal for those that have existing batteries. I wouldn’t say it is a large screen compared with some of SMOK mods but a good size 0.96in LED screen that is vivid with an easy to read black and white screen.

The Mod supports tanks up to 25mm with no overhand, and in the tradition of all IJOY products, colour is everywhere, the ELITE PS2170 is no exception, with 7 colours choose from, and yes yellow is one. A new large fire button makes it easy to fire the device and more importantly has a better feel and easy to locate. The IJOY ELITE PS2170 has a maximum output of 100W and supports a resistance range between 0.05 and 3.0 ohm. The usual temperature controls allow for Ni/Ti/SS (Nickel/Titanium/Stainless steel) and have a very simple to use battery release door. The firmware is upgradeable by connecting the USB cable to your computer and following the instructions provided in the user manual.

IJOY ELITE PS2170 Starter Kit | blueVape


The starter kit comes with the famous well tested and respected IJOY Captain Mini Sub Ohm Tank. The Captain Mini is a top filling tank with the airflow adjustment located on the bottom of the tank allowing for easy adjustment to the airflow and providing greater control of how much air is drawn into the tank

Sick of Screwing and the mess it creates () you’re in luck because the IJOY Captain Mini Sub Ohm tank supports CA-M2 and CA-M1 replacement coils, both are non-threaded coils, so you just slide it in () and the good thing you get one of each with every starter kit.

IJOY Captain S Mini Sub Ohm Tank | blueVape

Any Problems encountered?

Have we had any issues you might ask? Yes, we have, like any product, there are bound to be a few that just don’t function as described. One of our customers wrote in and produced an awesome video describing clearly the PS2170 was not holding the charge. We forwarded that to the manufacture and they determined it was a faulty batch, within a few days we confirmed and a new one was shipped out, thanks to the video clearly illustrates the problem.

Enough of this technical crap, you want to know what we really think about the IJOY ELITE PS2170. Besides the packaging, we really love the IJOY brand and the ELITE PS2170 is no exception. We like it very much, we like how simple it is to use, has a strong tradition behind it been an IJOY brand, comes with a 21700 battery and not to forget the Captain Mini Tank and its non-threaded coils.

How was it?

We tested using a range of E-Liquid including some with nicotine and we used both coils supplied, and we were very pleased with the flavour, and cloud production.  The device didn’t give out a burned or muted flavour just kept true to the e-liquid flavour in use. It also did not produce a loud firing noise when pressing the fire button just the typical sound with most vape mod of liquid evaporating. All in all, great device with lots of features, colours choices and power to suit beginners and intermediate vapers.

If you recently purchased and IJOY ELITE PS2170, please let us know your experience, we want to hear all sides.

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