How does an E-Cigarette work

How does an E-Cigarette work

How does an E-Cigarette work

E-Cigarette, known as “E-Cig” are handheld electronic devices that try to create the feeling of smoking tobacco without the health risks; more commonly known as Vaping. Vaping used to be a way for people to cut down on smoking cigarettes or quit altogether and it still is but now it is seen and used by people for more recreational purposes; tricks can even be performed using certain vaping products.

If you’re unsure of the E-Cigarette world and just want to dip your toe into the world of vaping, then a Cigalike might be the way to go; they’re made to look like a real cigarette and even have an ash-like LED tip that lights up red when you’re vaping. You also don’t have to worry about e-liquids as you either buy a disposable cigalike, which you throw away when it’s finished, or you can buy the refillable one where you just twist or snap cartridges with your chosen flavour back on and keep going as you were.

Bear in mind that in order for the small, light design of a cigarette the battery is reasonably small and needs to be charged more often compared to Pens and Mods. If you’re around a computer or USB port quite regularly this shouldn’t cause too much concern as you can always pop it on charge whilst you’re not using it.


Now Cigalikes is the simplest of all E-Cigarette designs because it only consists of two parts: your battery and your cartridge. Now your cartridge will contain a liquid with a flavour of your choosing; these are called E-liquids. Also inside your cartridge is a resistance wire called an atomizer and that is the thing that turns your e-liquid into vapour. When you choose the flavour of your E-liquid you will notice the majority will contain Nicotine to help people not stray back to cigarettes, however, if you don’t need Nicotine in your E-liquid there are Nicotine-free E-liquids; best for those who want to enjoy the flavours without the addictiveness.

Operating an E-Cigarette

First of all, there will be no button to press to start vaping, all you simply need to do is inhale gently for a few seconds and breathe out the vapour. This is because of the battery, and sometimes the cartridge contains an air sensor that turns the battery on whilst you puff on your cigalike. When you inhale the resistance wire begins to heat up, heating up your E-liquid also and creating the vapour that pours into your mouth. You don’t have to worry about refilling or replacing parts as the only thing you need to do is replace the cartridges and charge it up if you don’t have the disposable model. A refillable Cigalike is recommended over a disposable model simply because you don’t have to throw it in the bin once the cartridge has run out.

Pen Style E-Cigarettes

Among the most popular of the E-cigarette models, we have the Pen style E-Cigarettes. You have two kids to pick from once again: the regular Pen where you don’t want to get your E-liquid down the middle. Then you have another type of Pen; this includes removable tanks to feed liquid to the heating coil and this coil normally is cottoned on the inside; you need to soak your cotton coil in your E-liquid to help your coil absorb the E-liquid. This will get you vaping quicker and will almost eliminate the chances of burning your coil; your coil burning is when you’ve held the power button down too long or it hasn’t soaked in enough E-liquid.

If you find a burning taste in your mouth you need to replace the coil, however, depending on the model of your Pen it could be the most inexpensive product in your vape. The coil will also need replacing periodically; usually every two to three weeks.

Operating Pen Style E-Cigarette

First, charge your battery which can be done by using the included USB charger and plugging it into your computer; don’t plug it into the mains unless you have been told differently. You will then notice a light on the battery come on to signify it’s charging; this will either be red or green to let you know when it’s done charging or when it’s not. To help save your battery as well as prevent unwanted use of the Pen, there is a locking function which is usually five quick presses on the button on the battery to either turn it off or on. Once the battery has finished charging you can fill the tank with E-liquid; this section will have your coil in it to make sure it’s screwed tightly at the base.

When squeezing in E-liquid, if you have the regular Pen, pour it carefully down the side making sure not to get it in the middle, and make sure the liquid doesn’t go above the level of the middle pipe. However, if you have the Pen-T you can smother your coil in as much E-liquid as you like. Once you’ve popped in your E-liquid, screw the metal base back on and leave it to sit for a few minutes; this is priming your coil and making, sure enough, E-liquid is absorbed before heating it up. Once that is done, you are now ready to use your Pen! If you do hear a few odd sounds don’t panic this is normal and is simply the liquid heating up.



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