Finally someone gets it

Finally someone gets it

New Zealand Ministry of Health position statement – E-cigarettes

New Zealand, the tiny nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with a population of 4.7 million well known for its beautiful landscape and of course none other than the beautiful Lorde, has openly declared that vaping has the potential to improve public health. The New Zealand government is encouraging smokers to make the switch from traditional combustible cigarettes. The current Health Minister David Clark has stated:

"believe e-cigarettes have the potential to contribute to the Smoke-free 2025 goal and could disrupt the significant inequities that are present"

The New Zealand government has the initiative to reduce smoking to minimal levels by 2025. Currently, New Zealand has an estimated 500k smokers and the minister believes e-cigarettes have the potential to contribute to the smoke-free 2025 goal:

"The potential of e-cigarettes to help improve public health depends on the extent to which they can act as a route out of smoking for New Zealand’s 550,000 daily smokers, without providing a route into smoking for children and non-smokers"

The Ministry of Health is looking at harm reduction that has a good chance of success and has encouraged smokers to seek the help of stop smoking services if they wish to use e-cigarettes to quit.

It takes guts when a government speaks the truth and you know that the New Zealand government has its people at heart without being brainwashed by big corporations. The government of New Zealand is aware that smokers switching to e-cigarettes are more likely to reduce their health risks associated with combustible cigarettes.

Despite all the shouting from both sides of the e-cigarettes debate, one thing is certain, vaping is not smoking.  the article goes on to state:

"Expert opinion is that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco but not completely harmless. A range of toxicants has been found in e-cigarette vapour including some cancer-causing agents but, in general, at levels much lower than found in cigarette smoke or at levels that are unlikely to cause harm. Smokers switching to e-cigarettes are highly likely to reduce their health risks and for those around them."

People, this is not vaping, those statements flying around that e-cigarettes have been found to include some cancer-causing agents are of those cig-alike devices that come in a packet resembling a cigarette packet and often are disposable. Vaping gives you total control over what is been inhaled, "for crying out loud!" you can even create your own flavour mix knowing exactly what you are inhaling. 

NZ openly declared that vaping has the potential to improve public health

None the less, It is refreshing and encouraging to see New Zealand willing to open its eyes, mind and heart to help its estimated 500k smokers. Take note Australia, you can’t live in the old world of tobacco controlling fanciful bureaucrats with celebrity status getting to their heads.Give smokers of Australia the option to choose.

Key Message from the statement

  • The best thing smokers can do for their health is to quit smoking for good
  • E-cigarettes are intended for smokers only.
  • The Ministry believes e-cigarettes could disrupt inequities and contribute to Smokefree 2025.
  • The evidence on e-cigarettes indicates they carry much less risk than smoking cigarettes, however, are not risk-free.
  • The Cochrane Review found that e-cigarettes can help people to quit smoking, but acknowledges that the evidence is weak due to little data.
  • Smokers who have tried other methods of quitting without success could be encouraged to try e-cigarettes to stop smoking.  Stop smoking services should support smokers using e-cigarettes to quit.
  • There is no international evidence that e-cigarettes are undermining the long-term decline in cigarette smoking among adults and youth, and may, in fact, be contributing to it.
  • Despite some experimentation with e-cigarettes among never smokers, e-cigarettes are attracting very few people who have never smoked into regular e-cigarette use
  • When used as intended, e-cigarettes pose no risk of nicotine poisoning to users, but e-liquids should be in child restraint packaging.
  • The Ministry of Health is identifying safety standards for e-cigarettes in New Zealand. In the meantime, vapers should buy their products from a reputable source like specialist retailers.

Source: Ministry of Health position statement - E-cigarettes


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