Fake e-cigs

Fake e-cigs

Fake e-cigs and Vape Gear

As with anything else in this world, once a trend takes off it tends to be swiftly followed by fake versions: whether you’re looking for a phone, laptop, handbag, pair of trainers or alcohol, you’ll usually be able to find a cheaper knock-off version somewhere (usually from China). For some things, this isn’t a huge issue. I mean if you have a fake handbag or pair of trainers then the worst that happens is that the quality is poor and falls apart.

With something like an e-cig, there are genuine health risks you take by buying and using a fake e-cig but issues like this can be avoided simply by buying from reputable sources as well as following the advice we are about to give.

On that note, in order for you to safely avoid these fakes, here are some handy tips for spotting them during your expedition to buy your e-cig. All of this can also be applied to individual components of the e-cig as well, such as the battery.


One of the major red flags you’ll spot out there is the cost of the e-cig. If you find one that is suspiciously cheap then follow the age-old motto of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. It always helps to do a little research online so that you have an idea of what to expect in terms of the price of your desired e-cig.


This one probably goes without saying but word of mouth (or internet writings) is an incredibly useful form of verification. If you’ve heard from friends about a certain brand or company and it’s all been positive reviews then it’s probably going to be a reliable source. This won’t always be the case but it can definitely add evidence to the fact. It only takes a few minutes to search through forums, Facebook groups, ETC, to find reviews and feedback from fellow vapers. It’s always wise to take anything you hear with a pinch of salt but it can be a good starting point.


Whenever you’re buying your e-cig, keep an eye out for the tell-tale markings. Look for brand markings and logos, as well as any safety stamps that indicate that the e-cig has been tested and approved by authoritative bodies (these will vary from country to country so be sure to look up the ones where you live). Of course, if you see variations of a brand or mistakes on the logo then this is a giant red flag for the e-cig being a knock-off. Another major sign in relation to brands is the user manual…or more importantly, lack of one. Any official and reputable e-cig will come with a user manual so if someone is trying to sell you one without a user manual then it’s best to stay away.


Another similarity between e-cigs and any other product is the packaging quality. If you’re considering buying an e-cig and the packaging looks shady or is non-existent then it’s not particularly likely that it’s the highest quality. If it looks like someone has wrapped clingfilm around a box or put it in a sandwich bag or anything else that screams “I did this at home in my kitchen” then this indicates that the seller is buying knock-offs in bulk and packaging them him/herself.


This is another fairly obvious one but if you buy an e-cig and it doesn’t work or some of the parts seem loose or just poorly put together, this should warn you of the quality. Don’t take the risk of using a broken e-cig as you can never be sure what negative health effects this could potentially have. It’s much better to simply return it as soon as you notice these faults and get a replacement. This brings us onto another major and noteworthy point.


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