E-Liquid & Nicotine

E-Liquid & Nicotine

E-Liquid & Nicotine

E-Liquid is the mixture used in vapour products such as e-cigarettes; Also known as Vape Juice and E-Juice. E-Liquid typically consists of four ingredients; (PG)Propylene Glycol, (VG)Vegetable Glycerine, Flavourings to get your taste buds going and of course Nicotine (unless you go for the Nicotine-free option). Whilst the ingredients vary the liquid typically contains 95% PG and VG. PG and VG are products from the food industry, used to preserve food. The flavourings are mixed to create different flavours for different tastes.


Nicotine is an can be an ingredient in E-Liquids however it is necessary to offer different strengths as an option to help substitute the addictiveness of Nicotine in cigarettes. It is important to remember that if your goal is to stop or cut down on smoking you need to choose the right strength E-Liquid to suit your previous smoking habits, to begin with. This is based on how many cigarettes you smoke a day. Of course, there’s the 0MG strength that provides you with 0% Nicotine and is perfect for a person who doesn’t smoke cigarettes but enjoys E-Liquid flavour and creating clouds.

Over time regular vapers will try and wean themselves down on their Nicotine intake until they hit that 0MG; knowing they no longer have a Nicotine addiction. This is extremely easy to do in comparison to cigarettes simply because you can’t see your Nicotine intake whilst your smoking a cigarette and you don’t have the options to choose a cigarette brand with less Nicotine in it to try and combat that addictive hold it has over you.

Nicotine Strength

After 0MG you have the 3MG which has a 0.3% Nicotine content; this is for light smokers who possibly only have five or fewer cigarettes per day. They don’t smoker regularly or a lot but they still need those few cigarettes to get them through the day. Then you have the 6MG which has a 0.6% Nicotine content and this is for smokers who may smoke ten a day which has light strength. Going up again; you have the 12MG which has a 1.2% Nicotine content.

This is for people who smoke approximately ten normal strength cigarettes per day. You then have the heavy smokers who may smoke fifteen to twenty cigarettes per day, a whole pack, or maybe more and these people will need the 18MG which has a Nicotine content of 1.8%.

The important thing to remember is if you still feel like you crave a cigarette after buying a certain E-Liquid, it’s not that it’s not working it’s that your body is still craving more Nicotine than you’re giving it. So all you need to do is go up a Nicotine level. Now if you have Asthma, you may want to experiment to see which one is right for you; start at a 3MG and if that’s too weak and still fine for you to use, you can work your way up. But check with your doctor if you’re unsure or have never used a Vape before just to be on the safe side.

Vaping E-Liquid

Vaping means heating the E-Liquid towards a point where it becomes vapour and then can be inhaled. But remember both clouds of smoke, are different; smoke is a by-product of burning something and vapour is a by-product of heating liquid. The scientific term is “Evaporation” and most children learn about in Chemistry in schools so the process itself is very basic and simple. Once the E-Liquid is drawn through the coil, current also gets passed and, the vapour is produced by heating the liquid.

This next step you can either do before you use your E-cig or whilst you’re using it; it’s called “Steeping”. This is when you keep your E-Liquid in a dark cool place to improve the flavour you have chosen by letting to blend on a molecular level. Evidence of this can be seen, as the liquid generally gets darker after some days of steeping.

Safety & Storage

The fun part: Safety and Storage! Make sure to always keep your E-Liquids away from children but to help you they do come in child-proof bottles so make sure to keep your E-Liquids in the original containers. Make sure you also try to avoid unnecessary spillage when refilling your tank or cartridges and do wash the area immediately if it comes into contact with your skin. Also, do avoid swallowing or ingesting the E-Liquid; if a little bit does get into the middle whilst you were squeezing it down the side of your tank you may taste some of the E-Liquid. It’s not dangerous just unpleasant.

However, if you do feel unwell in connection to an E-Liquid, please seek medical attention immediately. If you feel light-headed or dizzy after vaping, please re-evaluate the strength of your E-Liquid as it may be too strong for you. If the problem persists then please seek medical attention.


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