E-cigarette myths debunked

E-cigarette myths debunked

E-cigarette myths debunked

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Public Health England has hit back at critics with a hard-hitting list of e-cigarette myths debunked.

The government specialists came under scrutiny following a report earlier this month that a minimum of 20K smokers a year have quit combustible cigarettes for vaping. It went onto recommend e-cigarettes are around ninety-five per cent less harmful and be allowed in hospitals and offered on prescription just like many other quit smoking merchandise.

However, following a backlash media coverage around the safety of vaping, the PHE has been forced to defend itself, their voice alone has not been strong enough to echo their message and making matters worse their views weren't compiled by specialists however its views are supported by the variety of key bodies within the Britain and America together with Cancer analysis and the Royal School of Physicians.

MYTH 1 - E-cigarettes give you ‘popcorn lung’
MYTH 2 - E-cigarettes aren’t regulated and we don’t know what’s in them
MYTH 3 - E-cigarettes must be harmful as they contain nicotine
MYTH 4 - Exposure to e-cigarette vapour is harmful to bystanders
MYTH 5 - E-cigarettes will lead young people into smoking
MYTH 6 - E-cigarettes are being used as a Trojan horse – so the tobacco industry can keep people smoking

The PHE went onto conclude that e-cigarettes aren’t fully harmless, however, it is essential the public is given the right facts. overall, e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes aren't similar and shouldn’t be treated the same. It’s vital that smokers worldwide are alert to the variations and have the correct information to guide their health choices.


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