Choosing a vape device

Choosing a vape device

Choosing a vape device

So you’ve made the decision to take up vaping, good for you. You’re now stuck on the problem of knowing which device to choose. Well, allow me to take you on a quick run through of the basics. As with anything, there is a wide range of variables to be considered when choosing a device to best suit your needs. Of course, there is a price problem to take into consideration as well but not to worry: we’ll explore all of that as we go. We’ll assume that you’re a newbie for the time being.

Even once you know what device you want, there is then the issue of whether you go for a starter kit or not…but we’ll get to that later. For now, let us take a quick look at some of the basic devices you can expect to encounter on your journey. So let’s start off with what is often considered to be the original vaping device, the first generation, the missing link:


Just in case the name wasn’t a huge enough of a giveaway for you, this vape device strives to be an easy stepping stone between smoking and vaping. Designed to mimic the feel and look of a more traditional cigarette (at least as much as you can with a vaping device), those who are smokers looking to step into the world of vaping will notice the similarities right away. One of the simpler to use, the Cigalike is also perfect for beginners and allows you to dip your toe in the pool a little before you decide to jump right in!

So what makes them so simple? Well, you only have two main components and only two main types of Cigalike to choose from. So when you’re choosing, you’ll have to decide between a disposable one and a refillable one. Most people tend to go for a refillable one as they tend to be more cost-effective in the long run and ultimately less hassle.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have the two main components of your device: the battery and the cartridge. I’m sure it goes without saying what the function of each is but as this article is aimed at beginners I’ll quickly explain. The battery is what charges your device and the cartridge is how you get your nicotine. This is also what alters your flavour so when you’re choosing between blueberry, sherbet lemon or tobacco flavour, this is the part of the device that you would change.

Another aspect that makes this device perfect for beginners (as I mentioned before) is the simplicity. Unlike some other devices, you don’t have to build your coils or mix your e-liquids. The option of mixing e-liquids is there for those who wish to do so but pre-filled cartridges are readily available. For the Cigalike, a typical cartridge works out at about the same as nearly 2 packets of cigarettes. This means you can expect up to 300 “puffs” per cartridge.

So what’s the price like? For a Cigalike starter kit, you should be expecting to pay up to $60 which will include everything you need to get started.

Pens (eGos)

Levelling up to the next device, we have the pen (commonly referred to as an eGo), this device is the Charmeleon to the Cigalike’s Charmander. Sporting larger tanks (I maybe should have use Squirtle as my reference instead) and longer lasting batteries, the eGo is definitely a step up! Depending on how often you use it, most vapers who own a Pen device will agree that you can get about 3 days of charge out of it. Pens have larger clearomizers (just a fancy word for a tank) so that you can carry more e-juice in your device. This obviously gives you a little more peace of mind when you’re out and about as there’s less chance that your vape device will run out of juice (e-juice or battery).

Another feature that is related to some of the more bizarre vaping trends is the ability to alter the voltage of the device which in turn allows you to get different sized  “vape clouds” (ideal if you plan to enter a vaping competition). An eGo isn’t really any more complicated than a Cigalike and definitely comes with higher quality and more functionality.

How does it compare in price? Well, you’re definitely going to be paying more than a Cigalike but you get value for money: a starter kit could cost you up to $130  or more

The next two devices we’re going to look at aren’t quite as “beginner friendly” but we’ll take a look at them anyway just in case you’re feeling up to the challenge.

Modified Electronic Cigarette (Mods)

Another fairly self-explanatory device, the main selling feature is the ability to mod this device to suit your needs. Whether this means you’re altering it for improving your vaping experience or simply for the aesthetic, that’s entirely up to you. Usually, when you buy one of these starter kits you’ll get three main components: batteries (often sold separately), an atomizer and the tank. These are all customisable but make sure that you learn the technical know-how before attempting any of this.

Prices for these sorts of devices can vary drastically. You could be paying as little as $20 or $30 or as much as $100. Often described as a sub-category of a Mod, we have the following device:

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage devices (VV/VW)

Most of these devices will allow you to alter the voltage or the wattage which in turn allows you to adjust the temperature so that you can get the desired hit. For some users, this relates to the flavour (as you are basically altering the intensity) for others this relates to the quantity of vapour created. As I mentioned earlier, vaping in some parts of the world has become a competitive event where vapour clouds are like the vaping equivalent of Olympic diving. There are many technical features and components that the vaper will have to know and understand in order to safely use one of these devices. It would be recommended that you not choose this as your first device unless you’re confident that you understand everything that is involved.

Prices for a VV or VW once again can vary quite drastically. Cheaper ones will be around $45 while the more expensive kits can be up to $250. It’s really best not to cheap out on a device such as this and as we mentioned, make sure you fully understand all that’s involved before messing with the device.

This is just a quick overview but if you’re a beginner, one of the first two devices would be best suited for you. We’d recommend the Pen model as this vape device is simple to use while still being more useful and efficient than the Cigalike.

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